Nov 6, 2011

Not a virgin? Let me just check.

Back in March when shit hit the fan in the Middle East, particularly in Egypt the military were carrying out secret 'tests'. Women were being 'tested' to prove that they were virgins so that they could say they had not been sexually assaulted. This is based on their misguided thinking that if a woman is a virgin, the sexual assault will affect her much more than it otherwise might.

For women to accuse men of sexually assaulting them during the revolutionary uprising would not stand if they were not virgins. To be believed they had to be pure, untouched and virginal.

The thing is, when you 'test' for virginity by shoving your disgusting, non-medically trained hands up a women's vagina, more often than not, you'll end up breaking the hymen = NOT A VIRGIN. And then you've added to the list of women who are no longer eligible to complain about a sexual assault.

Well, one woman has defied all odds and IS COMPLAINING... to Human Rights Watch. It's extremely brave of her to do so given that the military are still very much in charge of Egypt and she could face worse assaults than a virginity test.. 

However, it gives women hope. That they too will be able to stand and fight for their rights without being tested for something that is so precious to us all. 


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