Sep 18, 2011

Where were you on 9/11?

Sarah Macshane, aged 13: "I was standing in Victoria Station and looked up to the big screen, there were pictures of two huge buildings in New York crashing down to the ground. It felt like the whole station was on standstill, staring at this screen, not really understanding what was happening. I ran to my friend's house and told her to the turn the TV on - there it was, 9/11 had happened."

Holly Whittaker, aged 13: "At school with you! We went home early and I watched the whole thing on tv whilst on the phone to Eva! Everyone remembers..."

Peter Thomas, aged 12: "Was sister's bday so mum was home when i got back from school. The tv  was on and saw 2nd hit. Glued to tv, mouth-open. Weird birthday 4 her"

Michael Albert Brown, aged 14: " Was in 3rd form at the oratory, ripple of news spread very ominously. some people afraid that the school might have been in danger too."

AJ Reus, aged 12: "I remember it vividly, sitting in a class at school being told the news"

Hannah Vasdekys, aged 13: "We were in our form room, someone came in and told us to put the TV on, we all sat and watched the news. We were young and didn't really know what this meant"

I was in Hannah's form room, but I don't remember finding out about 9/11 until after school. Funny how memories can play tricks on you and funny which ones stand out the most.

It's the first global event that marked my life and I will never forget where I was or how I felt on that day. The act of terrorism is a horrific one but what western societies have done since then could be judged just as horrific.. We have become suspicious of our neighbours, fearful of planes, quick to judge anyone with a big rucksack and a beard, more racist towards Muslims, less accepting of differences. We have, in effect, let terrorism win.

Remember how we were when those Twin Towers stood proud? Well, let's not forget those days either.      


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