Jan 29, 2012

Project Unbreakable

In the UK around 21% of girls and 11% of boys experience some form of child sexual abuse. 23% of women and 3% of men experience sexual assault as an adult. 5% of women and 0.4% of men experience rape. 

The majority of these people struggle to find a voice to speak out about this type of abuse and therefore suffer in silence, something they should not have to do after having suffered so much.

That's why Project Unbreakable, which uses photography to help heal those who were sexually abused by asking them to write a quote from their attacker on a poster and photographing them holding the poster is so important. 

For the hundreds of thousands of people who have been sexually abused to be able to explain what their perpetrator said to them in justification of the sexual abuse is a way to take their anger and sadness out and in some way, to move on from their horrific experience.

Here are some examples of posters created:


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