Sep 18, 2011

Be green, cycle!

I dislike the tube, not a fan of buses during rush hour, don't own a car, the taxi-boat is too expensive so my only option is.... CYCLING! 

What a GREAT way to get around a busy city like London. Terrifying much? Oh YES! But I get to work in 20/25 minutes and I don't have to put up with sweaty pits rubbing against my face! WINNER!

My first rush hour cycling experience was not the most pleasant one: 10-15 cyclists very closely packed together, waiting for the light to turn green and then WHOOOOM... off they go! Over taking the slower ones (me), whizzing past with a flash of neon yellow and disappearing off into the sunset.. For slow cyclists it's quite a scary time as you feel like you're being pushed onto the curb and have to fight your way to stay on the road.
I have, since starting cycling to work, become more of a pro and can now over-take! whizz past! also sporting a rather sexy yellow jacket..

Be green and cycle. There are SO many advantages: get fit, save money and time, help the environment, avoid sweaty pits.... how many more reasons do you need?!

I'm back in London baby, and so is my bicycle!


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