Sep 26, 2011

A barbaric sport vs. an artistic tradition

La corrida de toros - FOR or AGAINST. The most widely talked about Spanish tradition from GCSE classes to finals at University and beyond..

This weekend the last EVER bullfight in Barcelona took place at La Monumental, after 600 years the tradition which made Spain famous, has come to an end. 

WHY? and Why only in Catalonia?

Most people believe it was for animal rights arguments - a cruel, bloody and barbaric way to kill a beautiful animal which has to stop, the ban is to those activists is an  'enlightened move away from mindless barbarity'.

HOWEVER, the real reason is this: The Catalonians want their own nation, they are fiercely independent and have an extremely strong sense of national identity due to having their own language (and by god they will not tolerate castilian spanish!), their own cuisine, their own football club  ...

The fact that bullfighting is so emblematic of Spain means that they must separate themselves from it and ban it completely.

For many Spanish and Catalonians alike their heart is broken by the banning of what they see as a beautiful and majestic art. 

Will Catalonia gain independence by continuously banning anything 'spanish'? Vamos a ver... 


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