Mar 18, 2012

The Little Sparrow, Piaf

A couple of weeks back my dearest friend Caz and I went along to listen to Susan Black singing Edith Piaf.

Oh Piaf, what a wonderful singer, a truly remarkable little woman, rising from the ashes into a beautiful sparrow (Piaf=sparrow in French). 

Susan did an amazing job of covering Piaf's classics such as Milord, Padam..Padam, La Vie en Rose, Les Momes de La Cloche, Moon Legionnaire and No regrets. Not only did she sing with a brilliant french accent and Piaf-esque body and hand movements, she recounted Piaf's life story... from her childhood singing on the streets with her acrobatic father, to her entry into the Parisian nightclubs where she wowed the crowd with her tiny body and huge voice, to her tumultous love life and finally, her early death at the age of 47.

Susan also writes and sings her own songs and is currently touring the UK so catch her while you can!


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