Oct 4, 2011

Una casita para los gays ancianos

In Madrid they are building the first gay-friendly retirement home. It will be open to everyone but especially to homosexuals.

On the one hand it's great that older gays will be able to retire in a home where they feel comfortable and accepted because, from what I've read, a lot have a hard time when reaching retirement age. The old preconceptions of homosexuals being ill, mentally instable and dirty are still very much pervasive in the minds of the older generations.

On the other hand, it is sad that a retirement home specifically for gays needs to be built as they are in fact normal human beings who just happen to like the other sex, therefore they should get the same treatment as everybody else and be able to feel welcomed in any retirement home they choose to go to. 

Spain was one of the first countries to legalise same sex marriage and is known to be an extremely open society concerning gay rights. But it seems that even if the laws have changed, the hearts and minds of many haven't, hence the need for this retirement home.

I truly hope that by the time I reach retirement age, we will all, gays and straights alike, be able to sit together in our armchairs moaning about our misspent youth.


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