Aug 17, 2011

Give a SHIT

For an NGO lovin', poverty hatin', change the world kinda gal I'm the first to admit there are a LOT of NGOs out there and they all want and need your mooolah.

BUT this is a new one and it's pretty cool. You don't need to take your purse out, keep the credit card away and GIVE A SHIT ;)

Pick a cause, any cause and............. GIVE  A SHIT.

Using social media to bring to light whatever cause you deem important... from AIDS, illiteracy and malnutrition to wars, rioting and water shortage!

Have a look at the fab website and check out the video too:

"everyone has those moments of God-given contemplation while on the toilet. The perfect time for people to give a shit was while taking a shit"


You're a raging lesbian

When is being a lesbian, bra-less and hairy going to stop being linked to being a FEMINIST. The former 3 have NOTHING TO DO with being a FEMINIST.

My brother, who I love dearly told me he had laughed his head off when he read the article regarding UK Feminista's activism weekend:

He told me he thought all feminists were raging lesbians. That did actually make me RAAGE. 

I don't necessarily agree with all of UK Feminista positions on porn, lads mags and Playboy but I do agree that we need a positive resurgence in active feminism and that what it comes down to is: EQUALITY. 

We really need to stamp out my brother's view that we are mad, angry, shouting man haters and get the men involved as well!

I love men, most of the men I know are feminists, even if they don't want to admit it ;)