Jun 9, 2012

New York, New York

The city that never sleeps.... the city that's always movin' and groovin'..... the city that is so bloody tall it literally makes your head spin (yeah that's right, I was hit with a bad case of vertigo)....the city that has so much to offer you don't know where to start or finish. 

Here's a account of our (sister, uncle and I) best attempt at conquering New York Citayyy in 5 days:

*strolling down the Highline (a disused railway track recently converted into a walkway about 20ft off the main roads) from the meatpacking district to Chelsea. You can be charmed by water installations to soothe your feet on a hot day, mini market stalls to buy touristy tack from or a NY hot dog, the amphitheatre where you can sit and watch the cars drive below your feet, the cool art on old factory walls and much more

*Walking across Brooklyn Bridge - it is a looooong schlep (but beautiful)

*Eating Japanese/Mexican fusion food........ Japanese TACOS and Mexico SUSHI ROLLS. It works, trust me.

*Walking up and down Broadway whooping at the cheap prices of Urban Outfitters and the like

*Queueing for nearly 1 hour for a Shake Shack burger (Madison Park) - it's totally worth it

*Walking from Little Italy all the way to Chelsea. Oh my... how your feet hurt

*Eating a proper Pho in China town

*Being whisked away into a world of Ancient Greek, Egyptian, Middle Eastern and early 20th Century art in the MET followed by celebratory champagne due this new found love of art  for David (my uncle hadn't been to a museum in a long timeee....)

*More art in MOMA, give me Van Gogh, Picasso, Warhol, Matisse, Frida Kahlo... 

*Brunch in Brooklyn, Williamsburg followed by some serious vintage shopping

*Eating real mexican tacos from a mini Latin American food festival in Red Hook, Brooklyn

*Getting lost in the shiny, bright, flashing lights of Times Square

*Having the most beautiful view of Manhattan from the (free) Staten Island ferry

*Chilling on a rooftop bar with the views of the Chrysler and the Empire State Building

*After-work drinks (starting at 2pm) in the Frying Pan (boat turned bar on Chelsea pier 12)

*Sun bathing in Central Park

It was an incredible if slightly intense and hectic trip... I could have spent that 5 days in the MET alone but I think 5 days is enough otherwise the city becomes too much and you need a break from it.

It's such an exciting, vibrant city and it deserves at least a trip or two so don't worry NYC, I'll be back :)